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Bounce Away from Ankle Bracing!

With back to school fast approaching, kids are making the most of their summer playtime on outdoor trampolines and at trendy indoor trampolining venues, including Buckeye Bounce and Sky Zone Indoor Trampoline Parks around Columbus. However, with the increased use of trampolines comes an associated risk for serious injury. Foot and ankle injuries are the most common injuries associated with trampoline use and can lead to lifelong consequences for gait and activity.

While somersaults and flips are the most common cause of severe spine injuries when using a trampoline, simply landing wrong while jumping can result in devastating foot injuries. Last spring, the New York Yankees relief pitcher Joba Chamberlain suffered an open subtalar joint dislocation while trampolining with his son. At the time he related that he was about to push off and immediately felt something wrong with his foot. An open dislocation refers to the fact that the skin covering the disarticulated joint has broken and bone is exposed. Any open dislocation or fracture is associated with a higher risk for infection.

Closed ankle sprains represent a much more common trampoline injury. The lateral ligaments of the ankle are stretched past their normal ability to stretch, or may be torn. These ligaments are critical in maintaining stability of the ankle and preventing abnormal motion of the bones that comprise the ankle joint. Acute injuries can often be treated with bracing and physical therapy, but in cases of chronic ankle sprains, surgery may be required. Ligaments may be tightened and re-approximated, or supplemental graft material may be needed for reinforcement. Underlying ankle fractures and defects in the ankle joint cartilage also need to be considered when ruling out causes of chronic ankle pain and instability. While the best way to avoid unnecessary injury is to avoid using a trampoline, if injury does occur, contact your podiatrist right away.

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