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Running Without Pain

Fall is back! Temperatures outside are dropping, leaves are changing colors, and the Pumpkin Spice Latte is back. Fall is a great time for runners to prepare for marathons or 5K races because the weather is perfect. Whether you run long distances or short distances you need comfortable shoes.

There are many things to consider when choosing good running shoes. Do you run on a trail or on the road? Do you need extra ankle support? Do you have any foot deformities such as, hammertoes or bunions? If you are running on a trail then you want to get a shoe with extra support. Some running shoes will put in a medial post, which may be made of plastic that is inside your shoe, and helps support the arch. If you need extra ankle support then you should choose a shoe with a sturdier medial post, a higher top, and a thinner sole. If you are running on roads or a treadmill you will want to choose a shoe that is comfortable and fits your foot type. If you are running on a track, then you may want to use racing flats or racing spikes. For deformities such as hammertoes or bunions you want to make sure that your shoe has a big enough toe box to accommodate the deformity. Other important things to remember about your running shoes:

  • They should be replaced after 1 year of use, or after 300-500 miles depending on the quality of the shoe.
  • Running shoes should only be used for running.
  • Be sure the shoe is the proper size for your foot.
  • Orthotics may help with foot deformities, and aid in preventing injury.
  • Choose a shoe based on your foot type. Do you have a high arch, or a flat foot?

These are just a few guidelines for selecting quality running shoes. There are many types and brands out there for every budget and foot type.

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