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High Heel Fanatics

Many ancient cultures as far back as 3500 B.C. wore high heel shoes. For some cultures, wearing high heels was a sign of class and wearing high heels was not limited to women. The term “well heeled” was coined after high heels were seen being worn by royalty, and wealthy leaders. Needless to say, high heels are still quite popular.

Mariah Serrano, a young New York woman was willing to do anything to be able to wear high heels. Mariah was born with clubfoot, and a deformed leg that made it impossible for her to wear high heels. Clubfoot is a congenital deformity that causes the foot to turn inwards and downwards, and can usually be fixed early in life either surgically or with bracing. In Mariah’s case, the clubfoot deformity was too severe, and despite operations the deformity remained. Mariah’s passion was in fashion so not wearing high heels was an issue. Her leg deformity also interfered with daily activities, and limited her career choices to only sedentary options. Mariah decided to get a below knee amputation so that she could get a prosthetic, and gain more functionality. Not long after Mariah healed from surgery, a friend bought her some heels. Mariah was also able to start her career at a fashion label.

Wearing high heels is a big deal for some people, and women like Mariah will stop at nothing to wear them. If you’re like Mariah, and you have to wear your heels, then consider the following tips for preventing injuries, or permanent damage.

  • Wedges are better than regular high heels because there is less pressure being put on the forefoot
  • Aim for purchasing heels that are less than 2-2 ½ inches
  • The less you wear them, the better (no more than 4-6 hours a week)
  • Bring an alternate pair of shoes to change into for more comfort
  • The more narrow the heel, the less stable the shoe, and the more likely you are to twist your ankle
  • Pick out heels that have a large enough toe box, so that the toes are not being compressed
  • If the shoe has a platform under the toes, then this may help off load the pressure and make them more comfortable
  • Remember that high heels are not only hard on your feet, but also your knees and back

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