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Bone Tumors In The Foot

Chondrosarcoma is the fancy medical term for one of the most common types of bone cancer in the foot. About 30% of tumors affecting the bone are chondrosarcomas. This type of cancer arises from the cartilage cells in bones. This cancer is also known to spread quickly so early diagnosis is important for optimal treatment. Even though this type of cancer is the most common bone tumor that affects the foot, cancer in the foot is very rare.

There are certain conditions that increase the risk of getting a chondrosarcoma. Ollier’s disease and Maffucci’s syndrome drastically increase the risk of getting a chondrosarcoma. Ollier disease is a skeletal disorder that leads to cartilaginous tumors that may end up becoming malignant. Maffucci’s syndrome causes many benign bone tumors to develop, and these benign tumors may become malignant. The tumors that these conditions cause are known as enchondromas. These enchondromas present most commonly on the hands, and sometimes the feet. Enchondromas rarely become malignant, but since they affect the cartilage they usually turn into a chondrosarcoma when they become malignant. The lesion presents as a slow growing mass with mild pain. Some genetic mutations are sometimes responsible for these malignancies, such as RB-1 gene and p53 gene. RB-1 gene is also associated with causing a tumor in the eye. The p53 gene is a tumor suppressor gene so when there is a mutation, then cells can divided uncontrollably leading to a tumor.

Treatment of chondrosarcomas depends on the stage that the cancer is found. Radiation, chemotherapy, and surgical resection are options. If the cancer is caught early, then the tumor may be resected easily and minimal deformity or defect will remain. If the cancer has spread, then an amputation may be necessary. Although this is a very rare condition this type of cancer can be very debilitating if not treated early. Knowing what to look for, and being cognizant of changes are the keys to early detection of any medical condition. Here are some common symptoms of a bone tumor:

  • Large mass on bone
  • Pain that is present for years, but worsens over time
  • Feeling of pressure in the area
  • Pain that is worse at night, but relieved with NSAIDS
  • Pain is not relieved by rest

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