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Posh Spice and her Post-Pregnancy Bunions

Earlier this week, Victoria Beckham, otherwise known as “Posh Spice”, gave birth to her fourth child. After having three boys and one girl with husband David Beckham, Posh has been reported to be saying that her family is now complete and that she will not be having any more children. Victoria also developed some painful bunions and back pain in this last pregnancy, making the thought of going through another 9 months of being with-child even less enticing.

Many women may not be aware of the possibility of developing a bunion or other foot problems during pregnancy. Bunions are typically related to hallux abducto valgus, which is a condition where the top of the 1stmetatarsal, which forms the base of the big toe, angles towards the other toes. This causes the first metatarsal to protrude out towards the middle of the foot at the joint at the base of the big toe, often resulting in an inflamed bony or soft tissue outgrowth that is called a bunion. Pain and irritation then occur when the bunion is under pressure and friction from a shoe. Being flat footed, or overpronating often increases the likelihood that an individual will develop a bunion.

In pregnant women, ligaments and soft tissues need to become more relaxed so that the baby will be able to fit out during birth. The body naturally takes care of this by beginning to secrete a hormone called Relaxin that has proteases and collegenases to loosen up proteins and collagen fibers that would normally be taught. It is believed that this hormone also contributes to the relaxation of foot ligaments and structures. So while the foot ligaments are looser, more support may be required to maintain the normal anatomical position of foot bones and ligaments. Wearing a stable, supportive type of shoe is best to maintain balance and foot health to avoid deformities when additional pressures are being placed on the feet during pregnancy. Victoria Beckham may have caused her bunions to become more painful by continuing to wear the sky-high stilettos that she is known for during her pregnancy. Along with wearing sensible shoes or athletic sneakers, taking time to elevate the feet and legs can help decrease swelling in pregnant feet.

While conservative methods are available to lessen the pain associated with a bunion, surgery is the only way to truly cure the problem. Now that Victoria Beckham is done having children, perhaps she will talk to her podiatrist about her foot pain, and choose what the best treatment route will be for her!

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