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Keep your Feet Wart Free on your Summer Travels!

When planning your summer trip flying out of the Port Columbus International Airport or any other airports, you may want to keep your flip flops and sandals packed until you have arrived at your vacation destination. As airport security has intensified over the past years, flight passengers have been forced to sacrifice their shoes at security in the name of safer flights. While this practice may make for smoother travels, it can make things rough on your feet!

In the winter, taking off shoes at the airport is less problematic because most people, or at least those coming from colder areas like Ohio, often have socks on to offer some foot protection. In the summer however, taking off your sandals to walk in bare feet through security where thousands of other barefoot people walk every day can leave you exposed to catching a foot fungus or warts. Because a wart is caused by a form of an infectious virus, any place that a person with a wart has walked without shoes or socks and shed tiny skin cells, can potentially spread the virus to other bare feet.

Warts can easily be mistaken for a corn or callus, because all three can appear as a thickened area of skin where the foot makes contact with the ground. Warts often are painful when pressure is placed on them, which can make walking or standing comfortably nearly impossible. The color of a wart can vary with gray and brown being more common, and a dark center is often visible. The core area of a wart can also bleed, making their transmission to a person walking barefoot at the airport even more likely. Warts are a very aggressive virus that can often seem to disappear, only to reappear shortly after. While there are many old wives tales of duct tape and other remedies that will supposedly get rid of a wart, the best treatment can most easily be found by meeting with your podiatrist. Depending on the severity of the wart, treatment options can vary from a prescription ointment to utilizing laser cautery. Taking steps to avoid warts in the first place by simply wearing sneakers and socks on your summer travels to the airport may be the best option there is to keep your feet healthy!

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