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Falls & Foot Injury

Summer is in the air around Columbus, with warm temperatures and sunshine aplenty. However, with summer also comes more risky outdoor activities for kids and teens in the area. One teen from Arizona made national news this week after a risky activity lead to a serious foot injury. After jumping from the height of her house roof, instead of hitting pool water, her heels hit cement and she suffered fractures of both her heel bones.

After motor vehicle accidents, falls from a height cause some of the most devastating foot and ankle injuries. Severe fractures of the calcaneus, or heel bone and the bones comprising the ankle joint, the talus and tibia are difficult to treat and can be causes of pain years past the initial injury. The calcaneus is the most commonly fractured of the tarsal bones, which make up the midfoot and rearfoot. These fractures are very commonly intra-articular, meaning that they extend into the subtalar joint. Similarly, pilon fractures, or a fracture tibia that makes up the top of the ankle joint, are also intrarticular. Not all fractures require surgery, however if the fracture is comprised of many small pieces of bone or the pieces of bone are severely out of place, surgery will become necessary. In intra-articular fractures, bone surfaces that oppose each other in a joint must be restored as close to their original position as possible to minimize the development of painful arthritis later on. Bone healing may also be delayed, or may heal in an incorrect position if not properly treated. Such problems can result in difficulty walking or bearing any weight on the leg.

Problems also occur with the soft tissue surrounding bones in such severe injuries. After a fall from a roof, top of a skateboard ramp or other high structure, the foot will become very swollen, or edematous. Blisters may also develop from the tearing of skin layers. Any signs of swelling, redness, pain or tenderness in the foot should be a cause for concern after a trauma and reason to contact your podiatrist. Swelling can be a cause of continued pain and a reason to delay surgery until it has resolved. Special casts designed to decrease such edema are often applied after a trauma or surgery. So think twice before taking a leap this summer to prevent foot injuries that will disrupt future fun for months to come!

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