Well, Diabetes affects a lot of different body systems; and your feet are among them. There are many different facets in which it actually attacks the feet. First off, you have neuropathy. Neuropathy manifest in many different ways. It can be painful, you can feel pins and needles in the bottoms of your feet during the day, during the night and sometimes you can’t even sleep because the sheets over your toes keep you awake. The other type of neuropathy is when you don’t have any sensation. Where you don’t respond to stepping on things, you can get ulcers and also you can lose your sense of balance. Diabetes also affects your blood flow. You can end up with poor vascularity to the tissues in the foot. This can result in gangrene, ulcers and amputations. These are things we want to help you try and avoid with diabetic foot care. Really if we can give you the tools to stay healthy, we can set you up for success and not failure. We have modalities available to us including things like PDR’s (proliferative diabetic retinopathy) and ABI’s (ankle – brachial index), and those are different ways of recording the blood flow in your legs and monitoring it for changes. Once we can identify these imperceivable changes within your body, we can help set you up with habits to keep you healthy, and keep you active, and keep your quality of life high.

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