He has been wonderful. He exhibits a lot of empathy towards them; he understands the problems of two ninety-two year olds that need help with their feet. My father has neuropathy from diabetes in his feet. He is doing a wonderful job in terms of help keeping him and his feet safe, putting the proper shoes on him and diagnosing with the proper medication if necessary. We have quite a bit of confidence in him and would defiantly recommend him to anybody who would seek help with their feet, if they need help with their feet. Its’ just been easy for us to come here. The parents don’t mind coming here and seeing him because of the way they’re treated. Some doctors don’t have as much warmth or as much understanding, consequently, sometimes they are not as redisent to go and see them. So we have to kind of argue a bit, but not so with Dr. Bhatia. So it’s very comforting to us and our family for him to be our parents’ physician.

Podiatrist, Dr. Animesh (Andy) Bhatia treats this man’s 92 year old parents who need help with their feet. His father suffers from diabetic neuropathy and has received excellent treatment and care at Columbus Podiatry & Surgery.

Columbus Podiatry & Surgery is located on the North side of Columbus, Ohio in between Worthington, Westerville and Powell.

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