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In general, the foot composes about 25 percent of a person’s bones, and their care is often complex. A child’s body is constantly growing, and good foot and ankle care should initiate early in life. As with any part of the body, proper maintenance and treatment can help development and avoid any long term problems. This is especially important in a child, because their body is always developing. Our foot specialists provide excellent care to our patients and thoroughly enjoy working with children; therefore, pediatric podiatry is our passion.

At Columbus Podiatry & Surgery, we are dedicated to providing friendly and caring service to you and your child. Our offices located in Columbus and Gahanna offer specialized treatment for all your child’s podiatric needs, including warts, ankle and heel pain, and flat feet. We have a variety of facilities and equipment such as x-ray facilities, physical therapy equipment and animated video presentations regarding foot and ankle problems. We also offer emergency appointments because your child’s feet could need immediate treatment.

Children’s Foot Specialist – Columbus OH

Too often is the foot ignored in proper care of the body. From birth, the feet are constantly growing and changing. Any pain should be evaluated, as problems with the feet can have an impact on walking and development. Neglecting foot health can lead to problems in legs and back. Over time, there can also be adverse personality effects. A child with problematic feet walks awkwardly and can have a poor general posture. As a result, the youth could become more shy, introverted, and stay away from sports and social outings. Consulting your podiatrist and other medical professionals can help avoid the problems associated with poor pediatric foot development. The professional staff and compassionate atmosphere at Columbus Podiatry & Surgery assures you that you and your child will get the friendliest and most knowledgeable care possible from our pediatric podiatrist and well trained foot care team.

Common Foot Problems in Children

Ingrown Toenails

What Are They?
This painful toenail grows into the skin adjacent to the nail itself, causing pain and usually an infection. The skin will also appear red and swollen. This occurs more frequently in children and teens because they are more likely to be wearing tight shoes and socks as they grow. Columbus Podiatry & Surgery offers a number of treatments that are child friendly. For more information on ingrown toenails, please click here.

Ingrown Toenail Treatment
Please click here to view a video of  Nurse Practitioner, Marissa Bechtel discussing ingrown toenail treatment in Columbus, Ohio.

Ingrown Toenail Removal
Please click here to watch a video of a patient who had an ingrown toenail removed in Columbus, Ohio at Columbus Podiatry & Surgery

Flat Feet (Pes Planus)

What Are They?
Children are often born with flat feet, and they could remain until childhood. Children’s bones are more flexible, causing some feet to flatten when they stand. Most outgrow flat feet, however treatment becomes necessary if it is connected with pain or difficulty walking.

General Evaluation of Flat Feet

  •  Refers to loss of normal medial long. arch
  •  Usually caused by subtuler joint assuming an
  •  Everted position while weight bearing
  •  Generally common in neonates/toddlers
  •  Painful?
  •  Flexible? (hind-foot should invert/dorsiflex
  •  Approx 10 degrees above neutral
  •  Arch develop with non-weight bearing position

For more information on flat feet (Pes Planus), please click here.


What Are They?
Warts are caused by a virus, these occur in people all of all ages. The developing immune system of children makes the more susceptible to warts. They appear as bumps on the skin with many tiny black dots in the center. Sometimes we use a cryotherapy procedure which freezes the wart. Columbus Podiatry & Surgery is dedicated to making your child feel at home with our friendly atmosphere during the process. For more information on warts, please click here.

Patient Testimonials About Wart Treatment

Please click here to view a patient testimonial who went to another foot doctor and did not have a good experience. He had had three brown spots in his foot, which were painful plantar warts in his foot. He had 5 plantar wart treatments and his foot feels good, looks good and doesn’t have any pain.

Please click here to view a patient testimonial who has had warts for 7 years. She had been seen by a few physicians for treatment of warts, prior to seeking help from the podiatrists at Columbus Podiatry & Surgery. She is happy with the results and the excellent care she received from the wart specialists in Columbus at Columbus Podiatry & Surgery.


Diagnosis of In-Toeing

  •   Lateral aspect of foot has “C” shape, rather than straight
  •   Normal hindfoot
  •   Medially deviated midfoot

Treatment Options for In-Toeing

  • Custom Orthotics & Bracing to correct or aid in the deformity correction
  • Surgical Intervention

Examples of In-Toeing

Metatarsus Adductus


  • Lateral Aspect of foot has “C” shape, rather than straight

Excessive Femoral Anteversion


  • Both knees and feet point inward
  • Presents during early  childhood (3-7yrs)
  • Most common cause of in-toeing

Excessive Femoral Anteversion


  • Interior rotation 70-80 deg
  • Exterior rotation 10-30 deg
  • “W” position

Internal Tibial Torsion


  • Usually presents by walking age
  • Knee points forward, while feet point inward

Proper Foot Care For Your Child’s Feet

There are many things you can do to keep your child’s feet healthy and growing. The staff at Columbus Podiatry & Surgery recommends you follow this guide to maintain your child’s feet.

  • The foot of a child is very pliable. Irregular pressures resulting from tight socks and shoes and restrict growth and development.
  • When shopping for shoes, have the child walk around the store for a few minutes with the shoes on. Test for any irritation or pressure.
  • A recommended amount of space between the toes and the end of the shoe the width of your thumb. That will give the child plenty of room to move and grow comfortably within the shoes.
  • If your child frequently removes their shoes, it could be a sign of discomfort. Check for any redness or blisters on the child’s feet, this will let you know they have outgrown their shoes.

Shoes are designed to protect the feet. They are almost never designed to help treat deformities or change a foot’s growth pattern. If you notice any irregularities or the child has severe pain, it is recommended to contact Columbus Podiatry & Surgery, our passionate staff will make sure that your child receives friendly and helpful care. Click here for more information on children’s shoes.

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