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Friday, 28 April 2017 18:36

Walking On Broken Glass

One of the most common maladies to befall a foot is a foreign body. Children step on splinters, adults step on glass, and feet come in contact with sharp plant leavings. Most people try to remove the foreign body from their foot. However, to avoid making a worse wound or an infection, it is important that the foot is fully cleaned with soap and water before attempting to remove the object. If the object is not visible, go to an open urgent care, hospital or doctor’s office where the professionals have the tools to visualize and remove the object. Even if you are able to remove the foreign body, keep the area clean, covered with a bandage and consider and antibiotic ointment. Monitor the wound site for signs of infection, including redness, swelling, streaks, pain, pus and smell. If you notice any of these signs worsening or spreading, go directly to the emergency room.

If you do need to visit your doctor or podiatrist for a foreign body:

  • The doctor may request that you get radiographs or ultrasound to find the object
  • If possible, they may try to remove the object in the office
  • If the object is too deep or the infection is extensive, they will recommend cleaning the wound in the operating room
  • After the object is removed, there is no guarantee that there are no remaining particles in the foot; it is important to keep the site clean and monitor for any signs of infection
  • The body may eject, absorb or form a fibrous wall of tissue around the object if a portion remains; it may never get infected or cause pain

It is important that larger, deeper or poorly visualized objects are removed by a professional. They have the tools and the positioning to remove the foreign body properly. Remember, do not delay treatment if you notice signs of infection; see your doctor/podiatrist right away.

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Tuesday, 18 April 2017 18:36

Losing More Than Your Lungs

For the last 50 years, the rate of smoking has dropped precipitously from 42% to 15% of all Americans. However, thousands of young smokers take up the habit every day. Many know of the effects of cigarettes on the lungs, including lung cancer but few know of the effects on the legs and feet. The effects of nicotine on the vascular supply can result in peripheral arterial disease in which the arteries undergo narrowing and/or blockage from damage. Loss of blood supply to the legs and feet can result in tissue death and amputation. In some people, Buerger’s disease in which inflammation of the medium and small blood vessels also results in distal tissue death and amputation. Any wounds developed while smoking may slow or stop healing. Bones become less dense as smoking may increase the risk of fracture.

Although difficult, it is possible to stop smoking.

Smoking cessation tips that may be recommended by your doctor or podiatrist:

  • A number of medications are available to help smokers quit
  • It is important to form a support system with friends and family to help encourage you as you quit
  • Often hypnosis or cognitive behavioral therapy can improve your odds of quitting
  • Alternatives to cigarettes or chew include a lower risk of cancer but may have other negative effects since nicotine can cause constriction of the vasculature and e-cigarettes are known for causing popcorn lung; if possible it is better to cease all smoking and nicotine use
  • .gov and other sites are available with tips and tricks to become and stay smoke free

Many of the recommendations from your doctor may work for you, but each person is different. The good news is that once you stop smoking, the effects on the vasculature can improve within a year and resolve within 5 years if the tissue is not dead. Talk to your doctor or podiatrist today about quitting smoking. You will be happy you did.

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Wednesday, 05 April 2017 18:35

Ache In Your Bones

For most Americans that complain that their bones ache, it is due to their muscles, ligaments or joints — not their bones. Occasionally, when someone says that their bones ache, it can be a sign that something more sinister is behind the pain. This is especially true if they notice that the ache is localized to a specific bone, if it is felt deep inside the bone, if the pain wakes them up at night, causes loss of function, or is associated with night sweats, weight loss, and/or fatigue.

Causes that may be considered by your doctor or podiatrist:

  • Both benign and malignant tumors that may need to removed or treated with chemotherapy or radiation
  • Infection inside the bone marrow
  • Systemic cancers such as multiple myeloma
  • Auto immune syndromes
  • Occult fractures such as stress fractures
  • Systemic metabolic derangements such as gout (although there is a noticeable effect on the soft tissues as well)
  • Bone density loss

Many of the recommendations from your doctor may mirror those used to assess unexplained masses in the body: imaging, blood tests, biopsy and special clinical tests. Most causes of bone pain are treatable but see your doctor early to have them assess the site of pain to provide an early diagnosis and treatment.

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