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Nail Avulsion

We stub our toes often throughout our lives. Occasionally, we may kick the toe hard enough that the toenail is lifted or broken off from the toe. If this occurs, it is tempting to remove the whole nail or clip it back ourselves. However, there are advantages to seeing a podiatrist.

A podiatrist will be able to:

  • Properly clean and sterilize the wound and assess for signs of infection and extent of injury to the nail bed
  • If the nail is lifted, proper tools may allow the podiatrist to save the nail bed and possibly the nail
  • If there is a subungal hematoma (a blood collection under the nail), they can drain it if needed
  • Any signs of infection can be addressed with appropriate cleaning of the wound and/or antibiotics
  • Follow up with proper trimming of the cut back nail can help prevent ingrown toe nail

It is important if the nail bed is fairly damaged to prevent worse outcomes. A visit may be as simple as a quick cut back of the nail. However, if the damage is more extensive, a podiatrist has the tools and the experience to treat the wound adequately.

If you stubbed your toe, have a toenail injury or any other foot or ankle ailment, please visit our website for more information or call 614-885-3338 (FEET) to schedule an appointment with us at our Columbus or Gahanna office

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